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Wide Plastic Bird Spikes – Pro Packs

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Defender® Plastic Wide Bird Spikes 3 Metre Pack comes complete with a full size tube of Defender® Silicone Adhesive. This is all that is needed to get rid of birds and pigeons that are nesting and roosting on your property. This Plastic Wide Bird Spike has pins that fan out to protect ledges, sills or walls with a depth of up to 200 mm.

A 40 page pigeon deterrent guide is also included in this pack. This book is full of interesting articles on birds and the law, health and safety and of course an in depth guide on how to correctly and safely install this pack of Defender® Plastic Wide Bird Spikes.

Pigeons landing on window sills and narrow ledges can create unsightly mess, but this Defender® Plastic Spikes Pack will ensure your property looks clean and is pigeon free from the moment it is installed. The only additional tool needed is a caulking gun for the included Defender® Silicone.


Delivery to Ireland – €10 plus VAT per order


(If you  need more than 12 metres, contact us for a special quotation for unboxed supplies)