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TV Aerial Bird Spikes – Pro Packs

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The Defender® TV Aerial Bird Spikes 3 Metre Pack fits all shapes and sizes of aerial and satellite dishes. The pack is supplied with 3 different sorts of fixings, ie. A full size tube of Defender® Fixing Silicone, specialist plastic clips and cable ties. These methods of attaching the TV Aerial Bird Spikes are proven not to interfere with the Aerial or satellite’s signal. Use them on their own or in conjunction as is necessary.

Birds and pigeons love roosting on the highest vantage point on a roof, often this means the aerial. Move birds off satellites and aerials by using Defender® TV Aerial Bird Spikes, they are completely humane and simply make it difficult for birds to land and humanely move them on.

Delivery to Ireland – €10 plus VAT per order