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Gutter Bird Spikes – Pro Packs

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Stop birds landing in your gutters with the Defender® Gutter Bird Spikes 3 Metre Pack. Pigeons love to perch high up on buildings and gutters provide the perfect spot. The gutter will then fill with bird droppings and nesting materials which can cause overflow and eventual water damage to your property.

The Defender® Gutter Bird Spike has integral gutter clips that securely attach to the outside edge, while allowing for water flow underneath. No other tools are needed. An interesting pigeon deterrent guide is also included which contains information on why pigeons have chosen your property.

(NOTE: see below for additional details about the gutters that these can fit. You may need to contact us if your gutters have a different profile from those illustrated) 

Delivery to Ireland – €10 plus VAT per order

(If you need more than 12 metres, contact us for a special quote for unboxed supplies)